Tuesday, January 5

'Tiny changes that hurt' *

Some brief observations of what has changed in Oaxaca since last year:

The thoroughly gelled faux-hawk hair style has morphed into a stegosaurus head strip.

My two favorite markets have moved. No longer are they a 2 minute and 5 minute walk from my house; one is a 20 minute bus ride away down south by the mall and movie theater, and the other is farther north.

The major street closest to my house is under construction, which means all its traffic had been redirected to pass by my house. Until yesterday night, that is, when they tore that road up as well. So, much quieter, but much harder for taxi drivers to drop me off.

Unrelated note: Yesterday I was sitting at a cafe outside and a bird shat on my computer. Luckily it missed the keyboard. But I didn't notice it and closed the computer, which mashed it all along the top edge of the screen.

*Extra points for anyone who can identify the band and song the title of this post comes from.


  1. The tianguis in the Llano moved to the mall/cinepolis, and the tianguis organico moved to Xochimilco, near the church. Haven't been back to either yet.